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Battery Range

Always difficult to predict but experienced customers report of regular 40-mile days without a swap.

AES battery

What is the range of your trike?

This is a difficult question to answer and depends on many factors so no guarantee of range can be offered.

The Iceni E-Trike range uses the AES battery which can provide a range of up to 50 miles (80km) with no load and in ideal circumstances.

This is a 48vdc Lithium Ion battery using LiFePO4 chemistry with up to 3000 cycles charge life, all mounted in a robust suitcase style package.

Range is affected by;

  • Gross weight of trike plus options, box, battery, motor etc
  • Weight of rider
  • Average weight of load being carried over delivery round
  • Terrain, gradient of hill for example
  • Traffic conditions, start/stop, lights
  • Weather conditions, wind factor for example
  • Rider ability and style
  • Drag coefficient
  • Average speed
  • Use of gears and gear ratio of motor
  • Capacity of battery in watt hours
  • Power of motor fitted, 250w to 900w continuous rated
AES battery
Unique design features

Unique Features

Our E-Trikes have a range of unique features, making them reliable, sustainable and affordable.

Iceni trike design


Our trikes have a uniquely low load platform for easier loading and safer handling.

The Iceni E-Trike Range

Iceni e-cargo trike

e-Cargo Trike

Developed in liaison with couriers, our powerful e-Cargo Trike can be relied on to work all day in safety and ease.

Available from £POA
Lease from £POA a week

Iceni pickup trike

Pickup Trike

A versatile ‘flat-bed’ trike for large and bulky loads. Build your own retail unit, the possibilities are endless.

Available from £POA
Lease from £POA a week

Iceni adventure trike

Adventure Trike

Designed to carry wheelchairs users in safety and comfort this versatile trike is a life-changer for many.

Available From £POA (VAT exempt)
Lease from £POA a week

Motor assist

Motor Assist

We use the best motors available, powered by the best batteries.

Extensive spares list

Spares List

Our extensive list of spares means your E-Trike can quickly be repaired and be back on the road.