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Our trikes have a uniquely low load platform for easier loading and safer handling. Our small front wheel is very robust and gives sweet handling with a tight turning circle.

Reliable last mile delivery e-trike


Our trike is not designed traditionally. We have instead embraced proven automotive technology by making the cargo box an integral part of the chassis, this is called monocoque design.

Being designed specifically for the last-mile couriers the e-cargo trike is not a compromised multi-purpose vehicle.

Our chassis is very strong and simple but remains light as we use aircraft quality steel.

The lower coach-built panels are made from aluminium for lightness and each one is bonded and riveted for additional strength and rigidity.

Excellent build quality


Iceni trikes weigh in as some of the lightest available. Being lighter the load on the drivetrain reduces which, in turn, increases the life of all components.

The lightweight wheels, tyres, hubs, and chains give fast acceleration by reducing any unnecessarily heavy rotating parts.

Putting the electric motor in the front wheel means it is only the rider’s force that drives the rear wheels so wear on the drivetrain is minimised. As the rider’s power goes through the differential the drive is split to each rear wheel, so wear is also halved on each final chain drive.

We use the best e-bike chains available, and all parts are selected to give the best performance with long service periods. The cost of ownership is low, and your local cycle shop or mobile mechanic can help to keep your trike on the road every day.

Trike drivetrain
Unique design features

Unique Features

Our E-Trikes have a range of unique features, making them reliable, sustainably and affordable.

Motor assist

Motor Assist

We use the best motors available, powered by the best batteries.

Ride Performance and Safety

The less weight the better. The low centre of gravity made possible by removal of the rear axle has allowed us to lower the cargo floor by 20cm.

This offers a significant improvement to the stability and rideability, resistance to tipping over in fast corners. It also lowers the cargo box roof by 20cm affording the rider a clear line of sight to the rear without compromising the 1.5 cubic meter of cargo space. Heavy goods placed in the lowered cargo bay make the trike even more ‘planted’ in corners.

A front 16” moped wheel with improved fork design enhances the manoeuvrability and affords greater control.

Cargo cage and ladder chassis provides the rider with greater side impact protection.

e-cargo bike close up

Cargo Box

Another industry first is our flat pack, modular construction all alloy lightweight and super strong cargo box.  Offering  PIN code slam lock, a removable cargo mat and a 300mm height extension.

This box is guaranteed not to fall apart or flop about. We do not use plastic or composite materials which are hard to join, fold or fix. The alloy materials are resistant to cutting by sharp knife and the slam lock doors are secure against forced entry by screwdriver or lever.

Four stainless steel tamper proof friction hinges are fitted to each door.  Available load volume is 1.5 cubic meter. Internal dimension up to 126cm long x 132cm high x 92cm wide. Door aperture is 85cm x 100cm. Larger capacity can be provided with the addition of 300 litre roof extension.  

Trike cargo box
AES trike batteries


Always difficult to predict but experienced customers report of regular 40-mile days without a swap.

Extensive spares list

Spares List

Our extensive list of spares means your E-Trike can quickly be repaired and be back on the road.

The Iceni E-Trike Range

Iceni e-cargo trike

e-Cargo Trike

Developed in liaison with couriers, our powerful e-Cargo Trike can be relied on to work all day in safety and ease.

Available from £POA
Lease from £POA a week

Iceni pickup trike

Pickup Trike

A versatile ‘flat-bed’ trike for large and bulky loads. Build your own retail unit, the possibilities are endless.

Available from £POA
Lease from £POA a week

Iceni adventure trike

Adventure Trike

Designed to carry wheelchairs users in safety and comfort this versatile trike is a life-changer for many.

Available From £POA (VAT exempt)
Lease from £POA a week