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The Iceni E-Trike range

Affordable, reliable and sustainable. We have an E-Trike suitable for all your requirements.

Iceni E-Trike range

Discover the
e-Cargo Trike

Commercial, heavy duty electric assist Trike designed for the last mile delivery business and city logistics.

Iceni e-cargo trike
Iceni Pickup trike

Discover the
Pickup Trike

The Pickup Trike provides a load-carrying cargo platform offering a range of transport options.

Discover the
Adventure Trike

The AdventureTrike has been designed for bringing a fun cycling experience to the wheelchair user.

Iceni adventure trike

What makes an Iceni Trike?


Using the world’s best electric motors and batteries our trikes help you tackle climate change. We offer power and control for the UK’s streets to help you deliver the goods all day long.


We use very tough wheels and working parts to ensure your trikes are ready for action each day. We are the choice of leading UK Last-Mile delivery companies for heavier loads.


Owning and running an Iceni trike costs very little. Our trikes are very light and can work all day long. Batteries are charged overnight from a standard 3-pin plug and most moving parts are simple and easy to maintain.